1997 plant images

Dear Richard,

during this summer I do some plant photography again. Maybe you are especially interested in the images of Ceropegia stapeliformis. This plant truly doesn't looks like a Ceropegia, really more than a Stapelia. I have some trouble to make a typical image of it. Between the roots and the flowers at the end of the stem is a distance of approx. 100 cm (3 feet !). As you can see on the left I create a spiral of the lower stem to gain more possibilities to root. Although the plant itself is quite inconspicuous the flowers compensate the four years waiting.

Ceropegia stapeliformis Ceropegia stapeliformis, flower detail

Another favorite of mine is the genus Hoya. The one below I buyed from a dutch dealer as Hoya erytrina spec 4210. I have no idea from where he got it. It grows (best if cultivated upwards) and flowers very easy. The only thing I miss is the smell offered by other species in the genus. Do you know someone who collects images of hoya and/or presents them at a central place ? If true please forward the address of this page to him/her.

Hoya erytrina Hoya erytrina, flower detail

If you need the original pictures for some post-processing (I'm not a designer or graphics guru), please don't hesitate to contact me via eMail.

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